“Chance favors the prepared mind.”
Louis Pasteur


Key deficit areas associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) closely relate to difficulties experienced in all Activities of Daily Living. Such skills are pivotal for relating to others, establishing social/personal relationships, expanding cognitive/communicative comprehension, and achieving the basis for improved quality of life. Social interaction, communication, taking the perspective of others, and flexibility of imagination are noted to be among the main deficit areas associated with ASD. Involvement in theatre/acting has become a widely successful approach in helping people with ASD increase knowledge of social situations and how to react accordingly. Upon successful completion of the Mosaics Facing Emotions© program, participants will expand functional awareness and use of social behavior. Growing evidence from an increased number of studies validate expansion of drama therapy to be worthwhile for those with ASD. Mosaics© will use evidenced-based practice techniques to use role play, improvisation, and focused study of nonverbal communication (visual attention and body language) to closely study the depth/meanings of conveyed words and actions. A foundation to use increasingly meaningful, spontaneous social communication in unstructured situations and the workplace will result.

Upon conclusion of the Actions Speak Louder program, individuals with ASD will develop: enhanced social communication skills through reliable, action-based experiences, relate to the perspective of others with newfound comprehension, associate emotional factors to corresponding actions/circumstances, develop/use appropriate intonation of speech related to communicative intent, and further develop nonverbal language skills, notably visual attention, facial expressions, and corresponding body language. Engagement in this program will primarily improve quality of life, as cited in studies and professional literature. “Involvement in theater can enable individuals with ASD to: improve self-confidence, increase self-esteem, experience improved functioning within peer/co-worker groups, effectively interact with peers, efficiently follow directions, achieve self-confidence through success, and become a thriving part of the community. This exciting structured recreational program involves true learning with fundamental outcomes. Mosaics© ensures these elements to be offered to young adults with ASD’s with exciting, unique opportunities.